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NEWS THEME21stJuly 2014

Posted by njfimpnews | Monday, July 21, 2014 | Posted in

SC shame: Katju's allegation damns integrity of three Chief Justices of India    

Ujjain Where is original Mahaqkaal ? ,pepoleswant toknow .
Mandsaur Rap with dalitleady, Gaari name opend .
Surat  Hawala of5395 corers, Fattamain hero . Fatta is or was supporterofModi gang?
Bhopal Hangama in vidhan dabha.
Ujjain Mahakal ki2nd swaree nillee
Ujjain Whymedia defamed ?greatquestion.
Bhopal Police character  in worstcondition, when willimproved .
Delhi Mansoon may less 25to35percent.
Delhi   Onion  willimporttochekprice hike.
MPPolice character  is worst,CM and DGP must strict 
Ujjain unhealthy incient in DrShaaarma arthodisprnary

Lords India won 2 nd test. Victory after 28 yearsnes

0 साल की मासूम से मस्‍जिद में मौलवी ने किया बलात्‍कार, इज्‍जत की खातिर मौत देना चाहते हैं परिजन

Hindu groups protested against attack Amarnath pilgrims

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Strike by Hindu community observed in Amritsar

Hindu groups protesting in Amritsar against attack on Amarnath pilgrims by fanatics at Baltal, Kashmir injuring around 60 pilgrims including police personnel. Heavy police security guarded the city of the rioters.  

 Photos & News by: GS Chhina

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Mandsaur  Rape with dalit leady , Gyari  Gyari name opened
Bhoapl  Assembly postpond for 20 minites
Sitaamau Accident ,6 injuired, admitted in hospital
Onkerashewar All ahhram  and  sadhus  must invistigated seriously

News theme 21 stjuley 2014

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news theme 20th july 2014

Posted by njfimpnews | Sunday, July 20, 2014 | Posted in

चौकी पर हमले में मिस्र के 22 सैनिकों की मौत

उज्जेन महाकल  दूसरी सवारी कल
उज्जेन s शहर  मे बिना  होटल्स व  लाजेस की भरमार निगम वप्रशासनअँधा  क्यों?

news theme 20july2014

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news theme 20thJuly2014

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